Valeo (France)

Valeo was founded in 1923 in a workshop in Saint-Ouen, just outside of Paris, France. It initially manufactured brake linings and clutch facings and then diversified its range of products by producing brake systems, thermal systems, and electrical components. Almost a century later, it is now a world-leading global automotive supplier of cutting-edge technologies operating in 33 countries and partnering with automakers worldwide.

In 2018, the company generated over 19 billion Euros in sales (with the majority being in Europe, Africa, and Asia) and invested over 11% of its sales in Research and Development.Valeo has 186 production plants, 59 R&D centers, and employs over 100,000 people across 33 countries worldwide.

Valeo supplies Original Equipment Spares (OES) to automakers and replacement parts to the Independent Aftermarket (IAM) for both passenger cars and heavy duty vehicles (trucks and industrial vehicles). D

Dana Automotive Parts is the official distributor of Valeo. Customers can ensure that they are purchasing Valeo's original products by checking if the product has Harrington's hologram on it.

Valeo Products

Harrington Distributor Monex Distributor Valeo Distributor Knorr Distributor Monroe Distributor Wabco Distributor Behr Germany Distributor Hella Germany Distributor Gates Powergrip Distributor - Timing Belt Mahle Distributor - Ring and Piston Holset Distributor - Turbocharger Garrett Distributor - Turbocharger Victor Reinz Distributor - Gaskets and Sealant FTE Distributor Kongsberg Distributor Vernet Distributor - Thermostat Provia Distributor Titanx Distributor Vignal Distributor OMP Distributor Seco Distributor - Clutch Kit + Cover + Disc Hongxie Distributor - Clutch Kit + Cover + Disc for Lifan and MVM NPM Distributor - Ring and Piston NPM